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Frete.com is eliminating inefficiencies in the trucking industry

We use technology to better connect carriers to owner operators, reversing the current scenario of high idle capacity of trucks, lack of safety and extreme bureaucracy. This is possible through digitalization.

Making idle capacity more accessible saves up to 25% in transportation costs, increases owner operator profit by 50% and reduces CO² emissions.


We help carriers to reduce freight robbery

Every year, freight robbery generates over R$ 1 billion in losses for carriers. There is a country wide safety concern in road freigh transport and we take the problem very seriously.

Using big data and machine learning, we analyze past crime rates to identify routes, times, neighborhoods and types of cargo that present the highest risk. We support our clients in avoiding them.

We have reduced by 25% the volume of freight robbery, saving millions of dollars for carriers.


18 billion

In transactions


450 billion

In value of transported goods


Yearly growth rate


Truck drivers registered and active

More than

1.7 million

Transports executed

2nd Largest

Freight matching platform in the world

  • US$ 390 Million in investment Newest unicorn in the Brazilian market.
  • Technology pioneer company Selected by the World Economic Forum.
  • 100 most innovative company Nominated by Fast Company.

Logistic Market

Logistics in Brazil:
A world class industry

Logistics costs add up to
12% of Brazilian GDP

US$ 136 billion
from 60 to 70%

of the cargo in Brazil is carried out by roads

Road freight transport yearly costs are more than

US$ 63 billion

Brazil is

the 3rd largest

trucking industry in the world

As an emerging country, Brazil is a hotbed of technology for logistics.

Our Methodology

How do we do all this?

  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Freight Matching App
  • Artificial Intelligence

Investors that believe in us

Farallon Capital
Goldman Sachs
Valor Capital

Henry Kravis, founder of KKR, Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida-USA, Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber, Tarek Sultan, founder of Agility, Paulo Veras, founder of 99, and the american logistics luminaries Paul Loeb e Eddie Leshin.

Carlos Medeiros, investment partner of SoftBank Latin America Fund

We are proud to invest in Frete.com because we understand the company brings innovative solutions to a gigantic market, with great demand for digitalization and better services.

Reid Hoffman - advisory partner for Reinvent Capital

Frete.com’s powerful network effect and market leadership create a unique opportunity to invest in a solution that is substantially transforming the logistics industry in the region.

How we
impact the

up to 25%

savings on freights
for carriers

up to 50%

more profitability
for owner operator


reduction in
CO² emissions


The concern for the environment is part of our roots.

One of the pillars that motivated the birth of Frete.com was to substantially reduce the idle capacity of trucks transiting the country.

Years later, through machine learning, we managed to reduce by 50% that idle capacity, which corresponds to a reduction of 20 million tons of CO² emitted into the atmosphere every year. And we keep on counting…

Dynamic CO² reduction Calculator 22671360

Every year, this is our contribution to reducing CO² emissions.

Our business also generates a positive social impact in Brazil, by increasing the income of owner operators and improving overall safety.

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